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About the NASW Social Work Practice Department

The NASW Social Work Practice Department fulfills several roles on behalf of the social work profession:

The department offers content specific to aging, behavioral health, child welfare, clinical social work (including information on billing codes), diversity and equity, health, HIV/AIDS, military and veterans, school social work, and social worker safety.

NASW comments and sign-on letters related to aging

NASW aging comments

List of recent NASW public comments related to aging, developed by practice staff

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Sign-on letters

NASW-supported sign-on letters related to aging

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NASW Practice Alerts provide brief overviews of timely developments, and NASW Practice Perspectives delve into issues more deeply. Practice Alerts related to aging include those that address the latest developments in the Jimmo "improvement standard" settlement and proposals to limit Medicaid benefits through block grants and per- capita caps. Practice Perspectives related to aging include publications addressing advance care planningeconomic insecurity among older adults, the medical home modelAccountable Care Organizations, and creativity and aging. Visit NASW's practice site for other practice tools specific to agingspecific to clinical social work(including billing code information), and across practice areas.

NASW's Tools & Techniques series provides handy tips on various topics affecting social work practice. Aging-related publications in this series include guides addressing interdisciplinary collaboration and the multigenerational workforce. NASW's Leadership Ladders series highlights career development themes relevant to social workers across practice areas. Topics include mentoring, professional boundarieswriting skillssocial work licensure, job interviewing, salary negotiation, publishing, and public speaking. The entire series is available on NASW's Social Work Career Center.

NASW practice staff collaborates with members to create and revise policy statements that guide the association's policy advocacy. These statements are published by the NASW Press in Social Work Speaks: National Association of Social Workers Policy Statements (10th ed.). Newly revised policy statements related to aging include "Aging and Wellness" and "People with Disabilities," both available in the 2017 eBook update. The printed version, published in 2015, includes the following recently revised policies related to aging: "Long-Term Services and Supports," "Health Care," "Cultural and Linguistic Competence in the Social Work Profession," and "End-of-Life Decision Making and Care."

NASW practice staff writes blogs to educate the public about important aging-related issues and about how the social work profession enhances the health and well-being of older adults.


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Engaging Social Workers in Preventing and Addressing Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation 

Written for the National Center on Elder Abuse's World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2017 series 


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Age Out Loud During Older Americans Month



Get Ready for National Healthcare Decisions Day 2017  

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Collaborating on behalf of older adults and the social work profession

External initiatives

Aging-related coalitions, advisory committees, and other collaborative initiatives involving NASW; links to free practice and policy resources included

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NASW practice staff collaborates with association volunteer leaders to create and maintain standards of practice for the social work profession. Publications include standards addressing practice in relation to cultural competence, family caregivers of older adultscase management, health care, substance use disorders, clinical social work, palliative and end-of-life care, long-term care, service members and veterans, supervision, and social worker safety

Single copies of these and other standards may be downloaded from the NASW standards pagePrinted copies are available from NASW Press

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